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“We’re in this together.”

The Allies of THE ELDER is an informal gathering of businesses and organizations engaged in transforming the paradigm of aging. Founding business members Dr. Marc B. Cooper, Shae Hadden, Chris Creamer and Andrew Mackey provide services to groups and leaders focused on shifting the conversation about age in our culture. Contact us at the email links below to discuss how we can help you realize your goals.

Email us if you would like to be listed among the Allies.


The Mastery Company

Dr. Marc B. Cooper provides consulting, coaching and business training toward building a business that serves your target audience.
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New Leaf Communications

Shae Hadden provides writing, editing and project management services for experts and thought leaders in aging, sustainability and leadership. Your guide through the process of clarifying and communicating your ideas to the world.
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Andrew Mackey & Associates

Andrew provides community relations, consultation and personal communications coaching services to organizations and individuals. Your guide to successfully engaging with community members and the media.


The Center for Conscious Eldering

Based in Durango, Colorado, the Center for Conscious Eldering is dedicated to supporting the development of conscious elders. The Center serves those in and approaching that period of life sometimes called ‘The Third Age’ who hear the call to age consciously. Their retreats, workshops and pilgrimages use the power of nature to support your growth as an elder and all involve significant time spent outdoors in beautiful natural settings. It is in the natural world that we can most easily remember that which is authentic and natural in ourselves, and thus gain an eagle’s eye view of our place and potential in the larger web of life. Offerings include:

  • Coaching for Conscious Eldering
  • Choosing Conscious Elderhood rite of passage retreats
  • Introduction to Conscious Eldering workshops
  • Meeting Ancient Wisdom pilgrimages to meet indigenous elders

Contact: Ron Pevny

The Sage-ing Guild

The mission of the Sage-ing Guild is to help change our society’s current belief system from aging to sage-ing—that is, from simply becoming old to aging consciously. The Guild believes that the wisdom and gifts of conscious elders is urgently needed in today’s world, and sage-ing supports the development of such elders. Sage-ing is both a philosophy and a set of psychological and spiritual practices, originally developed by Zalman Schachter Shalomi, that support living with passion, purpose, inner growth and commitment to service as we age.

The Guild trains and supports a network of Sage-ing Leaders who transmit the wisdom of sage-ing through workshops, elder circles, and other educational and personal growth programs. Their free six-month Associate Membership provides access to valuable resources for individuals wanting to do their own conscious aging work while encouraging others to do likewise. The Sage-ing Guild also conducts a robust public education program using a wide variety of social media, and is committed to collaborating with other like-minded organizations.

Contact: info at sage-ing guild dot org