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The Elder is about creating an entirely new paradigm for aging, where the wonder of life is fully appreciated, where the preciousness of life is completely experienced, where something else is possible besides decomposing and being seen as valueless. Where true opportunities exist, opportunities beyond being held as some useless object to be warehoused until it goes out of existence.

Follow 65-year-old Samuel Block in his journey to Eldering. Discover how being an elder enables him to be held in high esteem. How being an Elder enables him to directly contribute to life and the world as a whole. And how, when he embraces Eldering, the last part of his life becomes more meaningful, more passionate, more alive, more difference making, than any other stage of his life.

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SERENE AMBITION: Transforming Wisdom into Action

Is it possible to continue to make a difference in the world beyond the age of 50? Eldering is about giving away what we’ve learned and learning what we’ve missed along the way. This inspiring book explores the opportunity we have to become an Elder in later life without prescribing or dictating ‘how to’. Serene Ambition shares one elder’s perspective and lessons learned from a life well lived. A series of candid, concise essays delve into questions about relationships, community, love and wellness and look at the issues and concerns surrounding why we often get what we don’t want, creating a powerful purpose in our lives, achieving what we want, being our word, and being passionate about what we are doing every day. This book is intended to act as a catalyst for transforming the reader’s own wisdom into action.
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Wondering what to do with the rest of your life? Tired of being told what to expect and what you can and cannot do as you grow older?

The surest strategy for having the future you want is to create it.

This provocative 30-day program prepares you to create the life you’d love to live. The Eldering Journal will open your mind to possibility and gently lead you to uncover any hidden obstacles to experiencing love, happiness, wellness, creative self-expression and being valued. Each day in this directed journal includes a stimulating quote, a corresponding reflection, and questions to guide your inquiry. By the end of the process, you will have had the opportunity to examine your relationships with yourself and others, your circumstances and time. This inspirational approach is your guide to becoming ‘wisdom in action’.

RETIRING RIGHT: How to Invent the Rest of Your Life

A powerful 80-minute audio program that takes the worry out of retirement by putting you in the driver’s seat. Follow along as we discover how to create and implement a vision that will keep you moving forward. Thought-provoking insights and practical tools will help you stay vital and involved.

Order Retiring Right either as a CD or downloadable digital file online today to learn how to overcome the roadblocks that stop you from being fulfilled and satisfied in this next phase of your life.