Eldering: Wisdom in Action
An exploration into the nature of Eldering, including the relationships between Eldering, wisdom, action, coaching, leadership and the future.

Mid-Life Leadership
An investigation of the challenges of retirement and the opportunity we have to be leaders in the second half of life.

Wisdom of the Ages
An inquiry into whether we can learn to be wise, the shortcomings of conventional wisdom, and the distinguishing characteristics of what is most needed today—unconventional wisdom.


The Eldering Journal
30-day program to create the life you’d love to live
Eldering: Mastering the Rest of Our Lives
A manifesto for growing older

Serene Ambition
An elder’s perspective on lessons learned during a life well lived

Retiring Right: How To Invent the Rest of Your Life
80-minute audio book

Recommended Reading
Latest titles worth your time


The Elder

THE ELDER is a fable about aging in America.

Coming of Age
The rite of passage into Eldering


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Eldering Conversations
Bi-weekly podcasts of conversations with Elders