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Aging: A New Story

Aristotle once said, “Life is a likely story.” So what story about aging do we want to live as we grow older? What age ‘means’ isn’t about biology or the passage of time. It is true that our bodies will change and that someday we will die. But the meaning of age is dictated by […]

Eldering Principles

Eldering occurs in conversations. Elders practice these principles when listening and speaking with others: RESPONSIBILITY As Elders, we own our circumstances and always have a choice in how we respond. Rather than placing blame or taking credit for our lives and the world as it is, we engage in responding in unprecedented and what might […]

The Possibility of Eldering

In the past, the word ‘eldering’ meant handing down religious teachings or cultural traditions from one generation to the next. The elders were society’s caretakers and wisdom keepers. Their role was to bring up their family and loved ones and ensure they understood their place in the community and in history, and to take care […]